•  Ideal for:
  • Outsourcing the headache of daily social media posting
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Leveraging your social media following for brand identity
  • Humanizing your brand
  • Staying top-of-mind with your loyal customers
  • Inspiring social sales
  • Establish professional credibility
  • Growing loyal followers



  • Business review and brand style analysis


  • 3 posts per week on your business Facebook & Instagram pages (these are your Humanizing Good Will posts – Motivational Monday, Good Morning, Happy Friday, etc.)

  • One custom designed and branded image plus post content dedicated to promoting professional expertise in your profession
  • Includes conversation starter holiday posts

  • Freedom to add your own posts whenever you wish

$100 per month

+$35 setup fee
No contract required, you may cancel at anytime.

What’s in the box?

Welcoming & Humanizing Posts

You and your brand need to resonate on a human note! Social Media visitors really want you to be Social. Your fans want to know that you’re human, not a another artificial intelligence bot.  

Including holiday greetings, being a source of ongoing inspiration and motivation, and giving fans opportunities to voice their opinions or show off their achievements  expresses your brand’s values while making you a valuable part of your fans’ social community.

Everyone wants to feel valued, entertained, and in-the-know. No one wants to be sold.

Nobody likes constant “Buy My Stuff. Buy My Stuff” Facebook Posts. 

Post Every Day

Post infrequently, your audience will forget you exist. Post too often, you become an annoyance invading their social feed.

The answer is strategically posting  throughout the week.

Posting 3 or more times per week engages window shoppers like a brick-and-mortar store window,  keeps you top-of-mind, and increases your professional credibility.

Stay top-of-mind

Engaging conversations starters that  motivate fan comments and conversation

The Set up Fee

Q: What is the Set-up Fee?

A: The Set-up Fee is associated with the large amount of front-end work, research & preparation required to properly represent your business on social media.


  • Review and analysis of your joining form
  • Consulting communication (phone call or email) to gain understanding of your brand, industry, objectives, and etc.
  • Your account set-up within our system
  • Keyword & hashtag research for your product/service/industry
  • Competitor analysis
  • Connection of your account(s) to our posting system

NOTE:  The Set-up fee does not include social media page creation or upgrades. These services are offered as extra services.

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