Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Thousands of Business & Professional coaches have discovered how to look more professional while

promoting their business during online meetings.

The answer is

Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Now YOU can too!

Fetch Great Quotes now delivers Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds directly to your email inbox.

Online meetings (e.g., ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, & other virtual online meeting apps.) have become business as usual.

Smart professionals have grasped the value of appearing on-screen with an attention-grabbing background.  The really smart ones have taken it up a notch and are promoting their brand throughout the entire meeting by using Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds.

Your Custom Branded Virtual Background Business Card


Here’s what you might not know…

1.)  Even the best home or office decor won’t create Brand Awareness.

2.) You may not notice mess in your workspace. Others do.

3.) People are busy. You need to remind them of who you are & what you do.

4.) You can’t leave your business cards at online meetings.

5.) Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds make a positive impression.

Who's using Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds?

  • Sales professionals find that using Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds during sales demonstrations helps make sure they appear professional when working from home and talking to prospects on video conference apps like ZOOM.

  • Teachers and college instructors are using Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds during online instruction to keep students engaged during classes, lectures and seminars.

  • Consultants and coaches use their Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds to give their clients a consistent, businesslike environment, even if they’re working from their kitchen table.

  • Finance and legal executives use Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds to make a polished impression for their top-level customers.

  • Some use Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds to infuse a spark of humor into online meetings.

Never look boring again!​

You need to be interesting enough to get attention & make a 

good impression

Believe me. No one wants to see this.

You may have . . .

A cramped office
Messy kitchen
Outdated furniture


As the face of your brand you represent your business & set yourself apart from the competition

Your Custom Branded Virtual Background will make you a standout!

They’re helpful for professionals in all sectors, including, small business, finance, education, law and technology.
Whatever industry you’re in, you can easily remove distractions during your online meetings while creating focus and Brand Awareness.

You need to:

1.)  Look professional

2.) Make a good impression

3.) Communicate your Brand

Here’s the uncomfortable truth

>>  Your current online meeting backgrounds could be costing you money.
>>  If you’re not using a Custom Branded Virtual Background, you get lost in the online crowd.
>>  Professionally designed Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds instantly help your potential clients connect with you on a deeper level.
>>  When you look like a million $$$, people will want to be a part of your world.
>>  With the right Custom Branded Virtual Background you can show up in the BIG LEAGUE without looking like an armature.

Sooo...Here's the great news:

You have your online meetings scheduled.
Awesome!  What do you do next?
You create your own without knowing how (can you say A M A T U R E ?)
You hire an expert designer to create your own Custom Branded Virtual Background


what it would be like to know you’re communicating a
 professional image while 
creating Brand Awareness during every online meeting.

Your potential clients are right in front of you.

And if you’re not showing up with a Custom Branded Virtual Background,
your audience most likely has
no idea who you are or what you’re about.




what your business would be like if . . .


>>  You’re feeling 100% confident in front of your online meeting camera
>> You’re project authenticity as the face of your brand
​>>  You’re attracting more ideal clients that feel a connection with you from the start 
>>  You’re setting the stage to do business with your own attention-grabbing Custom Branded Virtual Background 
>>  You’re feeling relaxed & focused because your Custom Branded Virtual Background showcases your brand & invites people to do business with you

Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Promote Brand Awareness & Increase Trust

Share your latest products

Use Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds to stimulate interest in shopping at your online store.

Create a professional learning environment

Teachers & coaches enjoy the way their Custom Branded Virtual Backgrounds keep their students focused & improve parent/teacher meetings.  

Network Marketers make a professional impression

It’s your virtual business card. Show them how to connect with you.
1.)  Custom Branded Virtual Background – Designed to fit most online meeting apps (e.g., ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, & etc.)  Elements can include your:
  • Logo
  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Branding colors
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Tagline
  • Illustrative Graphics
2.)  Step-by-step directions on how to get your new Custom Branded Virtual Background up and running